Monday Night Talk 3-4-2013 featuring Dr John Sharp, author of, “The Emotional Calendar.”

March 11, 2013 @ 12:40 am

Monday Night talk host Kevin Tocci and Joe Rossi talk with Dr. John Sharp, author of the book, "The Emotional Calendar."  Sharp is a leading Harvard psychiatrist, who reveals how our emotional lives are profoundly shaped by the seasons, and how to recognize our own seasonal patterns and milestones. In two decades of psychiatry practice,  Sharp has worked with many people who experienced the same emotional distresses at specific times of the year--a young woman who became depressed before Thanksgiving, a middle-aged man who felt anxious about making his summer travel plans, people who made uncharacteristically extreme decisions as spring approached. In The Emotional Calendar, Sharp reveals how environmental, psychological, and cultural forces profoundly affect the way we feel, and how the enduring effects of personal anniversaries can affect our moods and behavior year after year. He also illustrates a wide range of individual responses to cultural phenomena: some people feel anxious at the start of a new school year or are undone by the prospect of tax season while others are buoyed by the start of a sports season.


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