Monday Night Talk 3-17-2014 featuring Capt. Dave Carraro, of Wicked Tuna

March 23, 2014 @ 9:50 pm

Captain Dave Carraro from the National Geographic channel's TV show, Wicked Tuna is a special guest oin this episode on Monday Night Talk!!!  Dave, Captain of the, universally regarded as one of the most successful fishermen in the fleet … and the sneakiest. Last season, “Tricky Dave” lost his first-place standing to Captain Tyler McLaughlin, and this season, he’s more determined than ever to take back the crown. His frequent success and his highly competitive nature often put him at odds with the rest of the Gloucester fleet, but Carraro is more interested in catching fish than making friends. Carraro is a northern New Jersey native who grew up fishing in the waters near home, but moved to Gloucester 12 years ago when the bluefin population around New Jersey began to wane. In addition to being a captain and boat owner, he’s a professional airline pilot. But to him, flying is a job — a means of subsidizing his true passion in life.

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