Monday Night Talk 3-25-2013 featuring Brockton City Councilor Jass Stewart & Grace Ross

March 30, 2013 @ 10:37 pm

Brockton City Councilor Jass Stewart and Grace Ross,  the director of the Massachusetts Association Against Predatory Lending return to Monday Night Talk to provide an update on a concept that may help municipalities deal with the issue of foreclosures.  The Brockton City Council recently approved the formation of a committee to look at an idea that uses the power of eminent domain to seize bad loans heading for foreclosure and with the help of local lenders or organizations, keep families in their home instead of evicting them. Have a comment about a past guest, an idea for a future Monday Night Talk segment or a question for a guest who is appearing on the show? Email us at Also if you're a fan of the program and some of the featured segments, you can subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes today!


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Monday Night Talk
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