Monday Night Talk 4-8-2013 featuring APCSM’s Chuck Givonetti & Michelle McKenzie

April 14, 2013 @ 11:52 pm

Monday Night Talk host Kevin Tocci and Joe Rossi are visited by Hathaway, Chuck Givonetti and Michelle McKenzie from the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts to talk about their upcoming annual event, "Paws for Celebration."   Chuck and Michelle discuss some of the things that the center does like its new partnership with Paws New England, how the center raises money and cares for animals that have been mistreated or abused. Have an idea for a future segment or a question for a guest who is scheduled to appear on the show? Email us at Also if you're a fan of the show and enjoy some of our featured segments, you can subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes today!


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Monday Night Talk
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