Monday Night Talk 7-21-2014 featuring Psychologist Dr. Kate Roberts

July 27, 2014 @ 4:22 pm

Dr Kate Roberts is a guest during this episode of Monday Night Talk! Dr.Kate, who is a child  and family psychologist and coach, with over 25 years of experience shares her insight to warn parents about what to watch when it comes to their children's use of technology and how they may be at risk. She recently penned a blog on her website giving tips to parents on what to watch for when it comes to being addicted to the internet and ways to curb the use of technology if it's needed. To see the blog and other items Dr Kate discusses on her website, please go to: drkateroberts.comDo you have an topic for a future show or info on an upcoming community event?  Email us at or "like" and post a comment on our Facebook page: If you're a fan of the show and enjoy our segments, you can either download your favorite segment from this site or subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes today!  

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Monday Night Talk
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