Monday Night Talk 959FM WATD - May 31, 2021 Radio Show

July 16, 2021 @ 7:52 am
Retired Navy Seal & Marine Tony O'Brien Senior visits the show to discuss the importance of Memorial Day and remembering those who fought for our country's freedoms. Local Businessman Peter L. Brown shares his thoughts on the lifting of restrictions by the state due to COVID and what it means to the local businesses and their owners who struggled to keep their doors open throughout the pandemic. Whitman Town Administrator Lincoln Heineman provides a preview to his community's upcoming town meeting, which is set for June 2. WATD's Mike Gioscia will provide details on multiple projects that he's involved with such as the Soule Homestead music series, producing podcasts for Muddhouse Media or the movie he recently produced and starred in, which is now showing on Amazon Prime called The Last. 
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Monday Night Talk
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